Rodrigue, Rita

Rita Rodrigue was born in 1945 in Normétal, Abitibi.

Professional artist of contemporary visual art for over 50 years, she has presented over the years numerous solo and group exhibitions, including in Canada, France, South Korea, Australia and the United States . In addition to her creative studio work, she has taught at the college level and privately, and has completed several architectural integration projects.

She has won several awards, and her work has been purchased by public and private collectors, including Pratt & Whitney Canada and Loto Quebec.

In 2018, author Josée Valiquette published Les temps échelonnés de Rita Rodrigue – 50 ans de création, about her work.

Her exhibition Temps échelonnés – old and new works by Rita Rodrigue, was presented at La Galerie from 9 to 23 September 2018.


Évolution, 2015
Acétate, photo et dessin, 65 cm x 28 cm x 2 cm

Feux des saisons

Feux des saisons, 2015
Acétate, photo et dessin, 61 cm x 23 cm x 3 cm

Refuge à l’allégresse

Refuge à l’allégresse, 2013
Acrylique et acétate sur papier, 48 cm x 56 cm x 2 cm

Songe vertical

Songe vertical, 2012
Acrylique et acétate sur papier, 53 cm x 26 cm x 2 cm

L’oasis lunaire

L’oasis lunaire, 2014
Acétate, photo, dessin, canevas et transfert d’image, 56 cm x 27 cm x 2 cm

Le matin prochain

Le matin prochain, 2012
Acétate, photo et dessin, 60 cm x 25 cm x 2 cm


Dématérialisation, 2015
Acétate, photo et dessin, 68 cm x 35 cm x 3 cm


Germination, 2016
Acétate, photo et dessin, 58 cm x 33 cm x 3 cm


Privilège, 2016
Acétate, photo et dessin, 53 cm x 22 cm x 3 cm


Jaillissement, 2006
Dessin, triptyque, photo, acétate, sur carton mousse, 27 cm x 50 cm x 2 cm


Communication, 2006
Diptyque, acétate, photo, 38 x 28 x 1 cm

À la montée

À la montée, 1990
Acrylique, papier, 38 x 30cm