May 27 to June 27 2021

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Mario Avati’s birth, the gallery wanted to salute this great artist by presenting this anniversary exhibition composed of works acquired directly from him at his studio in Paris.

Mario Avati is recognized worldwide as one of the great masters of the mezzotint printmaking technique. He is known especially for his unique manières noires en couleurs.

After his death in 2009, a special prize, the Mario and Helen Avati International Prize, was created under the aegis of the French Academy of Fine Arts. The $40,000 prize is to encourage artists, who, through the quality of their work, contribute to the advancement of the art of printmaking, to which Mario Avati has dedicated his whole life. The prize is awarded annually to a professional printmaker regardless of nationality.

Photo : Visit to Mario Avati’s Studio in Paris in 2003

Tribute to Mario Avati

Tribute to Mario Avati

Tribute to Mario Avati

Tribute to Mario Avati

Selon Nostradamus

Selon Nostradamus, 1998
Mezzotint, 50,5 x 40,5 cm

En bel équilibre

En bel équilibre, 2000
Mezzotint, 40,5 x 50,5 cm

Des orchidées ce matin-là

Des orchidées ce matin-là, 1998
Mezzotint, 3e état, 50,5 x 40,5 cm

15 juillet, onze heure vingt-sept

15 juillet, onze heure vingt-sept, 1999
Mezzotint, 50,5 x 40,5 cm

La truite de Schubert

La truite de Schubert, 1986
Mezzotint, 40,5 x 50,5 cm

Chronique d’une nuit sans lune

Chronique d’une nuit sans lune, 1999
Mezzotint, 40,5 x 50,5 cm

Les quatre saisons

Les quatre saisons, 1984
Mezzotint, AP VI/XII, 29 x 37,5 cm

La fraîcheur du Kiwi

La fraîcheur du Kiwi, 1984
Mezzotint, 28 x 38 cm

La jeunesse de Mozart

La jeunesse de Mozart, 1989
Mezzotint print, 55/85, 29 x 37,5 cm

Pourquoi bleue?

Pourquoi bleue?, 1994
Mezzotint print, 7/85, 29 x 37,5 cm

La cerise verte

La cerise verte, 1995
Mezzotint, 25/50, 37,5 x 29 cm

Une théorie de dominos

Une théorie de dominos, 2001
Mezzotint print, 25/50, 37,5 x 29 cm

Treize plus une

Treize plus une, 2002
Mezzotint, 18/18, 37,5 x 29 cm

Pain et confiture

Pain et confiture, 1982
Mezzotint print signed by the artist and numbered AP VI/XVI, 29 x 37,5 cm