J’habite ma propre demeure, paintings on canvas and paper by SUZANNE JOUBERT was on display from October 3 to 27, 2019

Forêt, Recent Paintings by Marc Séguin
was on display from May 23 to June 16, 2019

Le monde d’à côté, Paintings and Works on paper by MICHEL MARTINEAU
was on display from May 2 to May 19, 2019

Abstraction – Paintings and Works on paper by PIERRE HUOT
was on display from March 28 to April 28, 2019

Exhaustion of the hand (Tribute to the poet Laurier W. Beauchamp), from Michael Savage.

Held from October 18 to November 11, 2018

Michael Meredith – Recent Paintings
Held from September 27 to October 14, 2018
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Les temps échelonnés – Recent and Older Works By Rita Rodrigue

Held from September 9 to 23 , 2018

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