Bruneau, Kittie

Kittie Bruneau was born in Montreal in 1929.

With her true expressionistic style, she has been for the last fifty years painting images from the Gaspésie, her country of adoption. In her paintings, birds, fish and boats dance and intertwine in unique compositions that seduce us by their unique colourful and fanciful energy.

Her nomadic lifestyle takes her to far away countries in North Africa, South-East Asia and South America, where she feeds her imagination with colours and exoticism.

During her long career Kittie Bruneau has had more than 50 solo exhibitions. You can find her paintings in several museums and numerous private and corporate collections.



Sans titre, 1976

Sans titre, 1976, acrylic on canvas, 51 x 71 inches


Moricette, 2003
Sérigraphie, 56 x 61,5 cm


Avant-midi, 1986
Acrylique sur toile, 61 x 91,5 cm

La spirale

La spirale, 1978, etching with handworking, 57,5 x 76 cm


Maelstrom, 1983,etching with handworking, 66 x 51 cm

Machination dans le ciel

Machination dans le ciel, 1965, oil on canvas, 53,5 x 71 cm

Fresco au pays

Fresco au pays, 1981, etching, 76 x 56 cm

Coulée d’oiseaux

Coulée d’oiseaux, 2003, acrylic on paper 56 x 76 cm

Soir d’été

Soir d’été, 1999, silkscreen, 56 x 76 cm

Tête à voile

Tête à voile, 2002, collagraph, 45 x 45 cm (paper)

Champs givrés

Champs givrés, 2008
Collagraphie, 28 x 38 (papier)

À la vitesse d’un nuage

À la vitesse d’un nuage, 1977, drawing, 56 x 76 cm 7

Kateri Tekakwitha

Kateri Tekakwitha, 1972, acrylic on canvas, 221 x 216 cm (87″ x 85″)

Agonie du Tibet

Agonie du Tibet, 1976-80, acrylic on canvas, 183 x 183 cm

Jaisalmer revisité

Jaisalmer revisité, 1989, eau-forte, 37 x 44 cm

Passe-temps enchevêtré

Passe-temps enchevêtré, 1996
Acrylique sur papier, 56 x 76 cm

Sans titre II

Sans titre II, 1994
Acrylique sur papier, 56 x 76 cm

Le secret

Le secret, 2014
Acrylic on paper, 76 x 56 cm

3e neige

3e neige, 2019
Mixed techniques on paper, 51 x 66 cm

Drôle d’oiseau

Drôle d’oiseau, 2019
Acrylic on handmade paper, 56 x 78 cm