Grey, Jerry

Jerry Grey is a visual artist and teacher who has been exhibiting nationally, since 1963. Born in Vancouver, British Columbia she obtained her professional training at The Vancouver School of Art (1960 –1963) and studied at the University of Saskatchewan’s Emma Lake Artists’ Workshop (1964 – 1966). She has taught at the Banff School of Fine Arts, Emily Carr School of Art, The University of Ottawa, The Ottawa School of Art. She has been commissioned to produce several important public art installations.

Her series of paintings Dualities, reflecting the artist’s reaction to the Gulf War, was exhibited at the Carleton University Art Gallery and the Canadian Museum of Civilization, and in 1994 in the new Abdullah Salem Exhibition Hall in Kuwait.

She has participated in solo and invitational exhibitions. Her work appears in numerous public and private collections. In 2004 her series Rare Spirits: A Personal Tribute to Vintage Elders was purchased by The Portrait Gallery of Canada/Public Archives. She is a member of CAR, and was elected to the Royal Canadian Academy of Art in 1984.

Cornelia Landscape Architect No.3

Ccornelia Landscape Architect No.3, 2014-15, oil on canvas, 61 x 51 cm

The Source No.2

The Source No.2, 2015, oil on canvas, 51 x 61 cm


Complimentaries, 1970-72 Gouache on paper, 12 x 20 in.

Study in yellow and ocre

Study in yellow and ocre, 1970-72 Gouache on paper, 14 x 20 in.

Alternating Colours

Alternating Colours, 1972
Gouache on paper, 14 x 20 in.

Bilateral Blue yellow

Bilateral Blue yellow, 1970-72 Gouache on paper, 20 x 23 in.

Rocky Mountain Suite 1

Rocky Mountain Suite 1 Ink and gouache on paper, 22 x 24 in.

Picasso Drawing No. 1

Picasso Drawing No. 2

Picasso Drawing No. 2 Colour crayons on paper, 20 x 30 in.

Picasso Drawing No. 3

Flower Drawing

Flower Drawing Colour crayons on paper, 30 x 20 in.


9-11-01 Colour drawing, 22 x 30 in.


9-11-01 B&W drawing, 22 x 30 in.

Two women on a bench

Two women on a bench Watercolour, 29 x 41 in.

Female reclining

Female reclining Watercolour, 11 x 15 in.

A visitor to the class

A visitor to the class Watercolour, 9 x 10 in.

Field of lupines III

Field of lupines III, 1994 Oil on canvas, 30 x 36 in.


Untitled, May 1985 Oil on canvas, 29 x 35 in.

Fireflies in the Gatineau Hills

Fireflies in the Gatineau Hills, 1997
Mixed media on cardboard, 5¾ x 7½ in.

Gouache Colour Study – Blue

Gouache Study – Red Glow

Gouache Study in Green & Blue

Gouache Study in Red, Orange, Yellow Angle