Moore, Henry

Best known for his abstract and monumental sculptures installed in several locations around the world, Henry Moore is one of the best-known artists of Great Britain. He has many sculptures: casts stones and bronzes representative of women, seated or reclining silhouettes ‘Reclining Figures” that were his trademark in the 1970’s and 80’s.

Henry Moore was also a prolific printmaker. His original etchings and lithographs, whose topics relate almost exclusively to his sculpted oeuvre, were rarely presented in Canada and deserves to be known more. Our Gallery is proud to be a custodian of a large corpus of his original prints.The exhibition homage we presented in 2006 to mark the 20th Anniversary of the death of the artist has been a milestone on the artistic scene of Ottawa.

Glenkiln Cross

Glenkiln Cross, Plate I, 1972, etching, 22 x 16 cm (image), 42 x 31 cm (paper).

Reclining Figure with Architectural Background

Reclining Figure with Architectural Background, 1977, lithograph, 32 x 41 cm (image)

Two Reclining Figures

Two Reclining Figures, 1972, etching, 24 x 20 cm (image)

Turning Figure No.2

Turning Figure No.2, 1971, etching, 23,5  x  14 cm (image), 42 x 30 cm (paper).

Studies for head and shoulders

Studies for head and shoulders, 1967, etching, 9/50, 31 x 24 cm (image), 50 x 38 cm (paper).

Reclining Figure – Bone