Matta, Roberto

Roberto Matta was born in Santiago, Chile in 1911.

After studies in architecture at Santiago, he left Chile in 1933 to settle in France, where he worked sometime in the Studio of Le Corbusier. Having always had a surrealist mind, he joined the Group of André Breton. He fled the war that was raging in Europe in the early 1940’s to join with Marcel Duchamp in New York City. After the war he returned to Chile awhile before finally settling in Italy.

A complete artist, Matta was painter, engraver and sculptor. His work was the subject of several retrospectives, including two presented before his death; one at the National Museum of Modern Art in Paris and a second at the Queen Sofia Museum in Madrid.

Roberto Matta died in Civitavecchia, Italy in 2002.


Conmer, 1972, etching, 66 x 50 cm


Onnimal, 1972, etching, 66 x 50 cm

Palais d’hiver

Palais d'hiver, 1975, etching, 66 x 50 cm