Molinari, Guido

Guido Molinari was born in Montreal in 1933.
He studied at the Montreal School of Fine Arts and at the Musée des beaux-arts of Montreal. First influenced by the abstraction of Jackson Pollock, he turned his back to the automatists to take a more structured orientation, repeating series of juxtaposed color stripes to create optical illusions.
He represented Canada at the 34th Venice Biennale in 1968. He won the David E. Bright Foundation Award.
He was painting instructor at Concordia University and Art History Lecturer at the Université de Montréal from 1970 to1997.
Excellent teacher, he marked a whole generation of Québécois artists.

Molinari died in Montreal in 2004.

Damier bleu

Damier bleu, 1993, silkscreen, 60 x 58 cm

Molinari Sans titre 1

Molinari Sans titre 1, 1958-91, silkscreen, 80 x 127 cm

Triangle ocre

Triangle ocre, 1974, silkscreen, 56 x 38 cm


Bi-ocre, 1965, silkscreen, 122 x 72,5 cm

Quantificateur bleu

Quantificateur bleu, 1992, silkscreen, 102 x 67 cm


Bi-Bleu, 1965, silkscreen, 92 x 58,5 cm

Damier rouge et bleu

Damier rouge et bleu, 1992, silkscreen, 60 x 58 cm

Molinari Sans titre 2

Molinari Sans titre 2, 2002, silkscreen, 76 x 61 cm

Noir et Beige

Noir et Beige, 1957-91, silkscreen, 56 x 76 cm

Quantificateur rouge

Quantificateur rouge, 1992, silkscreen, 105 x 75 cm


Untitled GM-S-26-g-09, 1957-91, 6/24, silkscreen, 80 x 121 cm

Quantificateur bleu-vert

Quantificateur bleu-vert, 1992 Silkscreen, signed by the artist, 105 x 75 cm