Watanabe, Mikio

Mikio Watanabe was born in Yokohama, Japan in 1954. After studying at Tokyo, he left Japan by the port of Yokohama in 1977, and travelled through Siberia to Paris where he settled. From 1979 to 1981, he studied printmaking with Stanley Hayter at Atelier 17.

In 1989, he was awarded the “Prix du Salon de la gravure originale” of Bayeux, France, and in 1992, the “Prix du Miniprint International de Cadaquès”, Spain. He is also a member of the “Academy international Greci-Marino” of Italy.

Mikio Watanabe uses the Mezzotint printmaking technique since 1981. His favorite subject is the female body.




Doux rêve

Doux rêve, 2006, mezzotint print 18 x 40 cm


Arche, 2007, mezzotint print 18 x 40 cm


Résonances, 2001, mezzotint print, 52,5 x 29,5 cm


Présage, 2000, mezzotint print, 35 x 52,5 cm (paper)


Tendresse, 2008, mezzotint print

Songe d’été

Songe d'été, 2001, mezzotint print, 26 x 42,7 cm (paper)


S'étendre, 2007, mezzotint print

Sirène III

Sirène III, 2003, mezzotint print, 38 x 28 cm (paper)

Une pêche

Une pêche, 1993, mezzotint print


Café, 2001, mezzotint print, 20 x 21 cm (paper)


Ailes, 2004, mezzotint print, 25 x 30 cm (paper)

Rosée II

Rosée II, 2007, mezzotint print

Rosée I

Rosée I, 2007, mezzotint print

Carotte sauvage

Carotte sauvage, 2003, mezzotint print, 30 x 25 cm (paper)


Potimarron, 2001, mezzotint print, 30 x 25 cm (paper)


Éminence, 2004, mezzotint print, 28 x 32 cm (paper)


Abysse, 2005, mezzotint print

Éclipse I

Éclipse I, 2000, mezzotint print

Cachée la tête

Cachée la tête, 1994, mezzotint print

La guerre ou la paix II

La guerre ou la paix II, 2003, mezzotint print, 45,5 x 58 cm (paper)

Un papillon

Un papillon, 2003, mezzotint print