Coignard, James

Originally known as a painter, James Coignard has become over the years one of the most prominent French painter-printmakers. It is his friend Henri Goetz, the inventor of the printmaking technique “gravure au Carborundum”, who in 1968 introduced Coignard to the new method. “Gravure au Carborundum” is a more direct approach to making prints than the traditional techniques. It permits a greater liberty of expression that comes very close to painting. His friends Clavé, Miró, Tàpies and Papart were also seduced by the new method.


Coignard has over the years further improved the technique. Together with his master printers Pascal Gauvard, Nicholas du Mesnil du Buisson from the Atelier Pasnic of Paris, he has succeeded in achieving the same spontaneity, freshness and originality as in his paintings.


James Coignard had a solo exhibition of his work at the Galerie Jean-CLaude Bergeron in 2002. He came to Ottawa on this occasion to be present at the opening of his exhibition.

Détermination linéaire

Détermination linéaire, 1975
Carborundum print plus mixed media, signed by the artist and numbered 40/60, 45,5 x 56 cm

Perturbations obliques

Perturbations obliques, 1979, carborundum print, 68 x 50 cm

Directionnel sur Bleu

Directionnel sur Bleu, 2001, carborundum print, Ed. 40, 44 x 56 cm.

Directionnel sur Rouge

Directionnel sur rouge, 2001, Ed. 40, carborundum print, 44 x 56 cm

Deux profils vis-à-vis


Carborundum print signed by the artist

Number: 46/75

57 x 45 cm (23″ x 18″)

With frame: 84 x 69 cm (33″ x 27″)

Excellent condition